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Since 1984

Archicast has provided high-quality sculpting, moldmaking and casting since 1984.

We are here to give architects and designers the freedom to use classical and ornate forms at reasonable cost. Custom work is our lifeblood, not a sideline. Our custom castings may cost no more than what you can find in catalogs, and we are often faster - so why not get what you really want, instead of settling for what they stock?

Travel: Of course we travel, to your house or jobsite, to do repairs and make field molds.

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Archicast works nationally as well as locally (the Midsouth) on ornamental plaster and cast stone for restoration and new construction projects. 

We can start with blueprints, or an old casting, or just an idea you want realized. We can sculpt or construct a pattern, repair or modify your old cast part - whatever it takes to come up with the pattern for moldmaking.


Our moldmaking is second to none in quality and design. Careful engineering ensures that our molds capture every detail and undercut, keep flat surfaces flat, and leave the fewest seams, while being easy to use and reassemble. We cast reinforced plaster, resin and smaller concrete elements, and let a concrete caster handle the bigger pieces. Molds are made of urethane or silicone rubber, fiberglass, wood, sheet metal, and plaster.

We sell molds to concrete manufacturers and other casters.

GRG (glass reinforced gypsum) is our most popular casting material. This is actually a laminated slush casting with fiberglass reinforcing for a beautiful surface and great fracture resistance. It cannot burn. We can work thick, thin, or both in one piece. We usually use casting plaster on the surface, for workability, and laminate for strength with Hydrocal.

We can do FRP (fiberglass) hand layup or use an allied fiberglass fabricator. We cast urethane resins as well. We cast waxes for shipping to bronze foundries, or special molds for sand casting.
Terra cotta: we repair and make replacement units. We may cast smaller concrete items ourselves.
Archicast is an authorized Jahn mortar installer.


Sadly, our good local concrete-caster has called it quits.
We make concrete molds and will ship them to you. You may want to find a concrete company near you, skilled in batch design and color matching, reinforcing and hardware insertion. Concrete molds are naturally far stronger than plaster molds, but the detail is all there.

Archicast is friendly with other excellent Memphis-area artisans: woodworkers, metalworkers, glass blasters, fiberglass fabricators, faux finishers, sculptors, ceramicists, and many other artists.

We have been listed for many years by Old House Journal and Traditional Building magazines.
We are members of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and are listed by the New-York Landmarks Conservancy and the Restoration Trades Directory.
Call us!

Please write or call with the specifics of your project. We will email photos of similar jobs we've done, offer advice and send you an estimate quickly. But the more time we have, the lower the bid usually comes out.

I am a trained industrial designer (RISD) and product sculptor.

We have many catalogs from the restoration industry and may be able to find things you cannot.
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